A Matter of Trust by Walter Zettl - Volume IV DVD

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In volume IV, Zettl reveals the classical approach to the highest-level movements of dressage, including piaffe, passage, one tempi and two tempi changes, as well as the lateral movements. Walter Zettl's extensive experience, superb communications skills and patient approach to the training and execution of the movements, makes this volume a wealth of practical information currently unparalleled. The video shows each movement in slow motion, while Walter explains the timing of each aid used to produce the movement. 

 One of the few great teachers of classical dressage left today, Zettl is known throughout the world for his sympathetic approach to the training of horses. He believes a harmonious partnership built on trust between horse and rider is the basis for all good riding. His number one priority is the well-being of the horse. 

144 minutes