A Matter of Trust - Extras by Walter Zettl DVD

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In this DVD, the final volume of "A Matter of Trust" series, we have taken the footage from a very unique clinic entitled "East meets West". This clinic brought together the Western and English riding disciplines under the tutelage of Walter's giving hand. Classical dressage can help any rider in any discipline achieve better results. This volume shows this to be true.

In this volume Walter lectures on harmony between horse and rider, he talks about the meaning of true classical dressage and the similarity between English and Western riding. Full lesson rides are shown to demonstrate Walter's classical approach to equestrian training. There are two dressage riders and two western riders, demonstration the application of classical dressage.

One of the few great teachers of classical dressage left today, Zettl is known throughout the world for his sympathetic approach to the training of horses. He believes a harmonious partnership built on trust between horse and rider is the basis for all good riding. His number one priority is the well-being of the horse. 

128 minutes