Danny's Special Collection

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Author:  Susan Vernick
“A family story told as tenderly as a family story should be.” Dr.Samuel Hazo, award-winning poet, accomplished playwright, Pennsylvania’s first poet laureate, and author of dozens of books.“Danny’s Special Collection is a look at what it means to love through the eyes of a special boy. A sweet reminder of the purity of a child’s heart and the lessons waiting to be taught in nature.” Tara Johnson, author of Engraved on the Heart and Where Dandelions Bloom with Tyndale House Publishers.“This book stirred my heart and brought me to tears.”
Mary Lou Rosien, International Speaker and author of One More Dance with Grandma and The Joy-Filled Broken Heart.Danny and his sister spend many days enjoying serene walks together through the rolling farmlands behind their home. One day, Danny begins collecting items like stones, twigs, pine cones and more. As the story unfolds, we see Danny give each collection to his family and friends as he shares the impact they have had on his life. Through each collection, Danny creatively shows the challenges of a special needs family while highlighting their tender love for each other. This is a story for all families to enjoy, and to be inspired by!